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181 Activities

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  1. Surprise your little by celebrating his/her birthday.
  2. Make a thin layer of JELLO and carve it into letters, numbers, figures, etc.
  3. Together write a family newsletter for friends and relatives.
  4. Take a walk together with a memento bag and collect interesting leaves, rocks, or junk.
  5. Go to the bank and open a savings account for him/her.
  6. Design a Christmas card together.
  7. Make a bug cage and catch bugs together.
  8. Eat lunch with him/her at school.
  9. Teach him/her to weave a ring out of grass.
  10. Paint graffiti on the walls of a room a few days before it is repainted.
  11. Buy 10 shares of stocks in an inexpensive company that he/she will recognize and watch it make or lose money.
  12. Look up new words in the dictionary.
  13. Use a globe to locate friends, travel destinations, and current events together.
  14. Go on a sound scavenger hunt with a tape recorder.
  15. Go shopping at a secondhand store for dress up clothes.
  16. Work together to make a collage of his/her life with pictures cut from magazines.
  17. Make giant soap bubbles.
  18. Plan a vacation together—imaginary or real.
  19. Roast marshmallows with toothpicks over the flame of a candle.
  20. Learn a simple magic trick to amaze him/her and their friends
  21. Show him/her your picture from your high school yearbook.
  22. Paint an original T-shirt for a special occasion.
  23. Go for a walk through a hardware store and explain the function of various tools.
  24. Compliment your Little’s character and skill three times for every one compliment on his/her appearance.
  25. On a one foot square of grass find all of the living things that are visible in that space.
  26. On his/her birthday, ask your Little to lie on butcher paper and trace around him/her. Repeat this process each year to show how much he/she has grown.
  27. Learn to count to 10 in a foreign language.
  28. Take your little out on your anniversary telling what you’ve noticed about him/her over the last year.
  29. Write a letter to your little on your anniversary telling what you’ve noticed about him/her over the last year.
  30. Have an art show of his/her masterpieces, invite your friends and relatives to come buy the original, signed artwork. Set low prices so everything will sell.
  31. Practice filling out application for everything.
  32. Help your Little make homemade potpourri.
  33. Help your Little make a list of all the people who love him/her.
  34. Look through a clothing catalog and ask what he/she likes and doesn’t like.
  35. Explain what is becoming of a young lady/gentleman and what is not.
  36. Washing the car together.
  37. Explore the attic together.
  38. Paint a special message for his/her mother on a wooden cutting board.
  39. Make a calendar of the big events of his/her year.
  40. Make snow angels.
  41. Feed the birds.
  42. Look through a book of house plans and help him/her pick out a dream home.
  43. Help her write a letter to the author of a book that she really likes.
  44. Buy a rubber stamp or stickers with his/her name on them. 
  45. Start a coin or stamp collection.
  46. Get a book of animal tracks and explore a pond or trail together to see what animals live in the area.
  47. Put colored water in a two-liter bottle. Connect another to it like an hourglass and turn it over.
  48. Go on a camera scavenger hunt together. Make a list of things you want pictures of before the hunt. Let him/her take the pictures.
  49. Teach him/her a big word.
  50. Tape record messages to send to grandparents or other loved ones who do not live nearby.
  51. Help him/her stencil border pattern around the top of a wall.
  52. Go on a newspaper scavenger hunt. Give him/her a list of 10-20 items to find in a newspaper.
  53. Read biographies of people who did great things and let your Little know they were no different from him/her.
  54. Make a weatherboard, put a few books on a small board, prepare tags with numbers and a few key words. Show him/her how to track temperature and weather conditions each morning before school.
  55. Learn to program a computer BASIC language.
  56. Finger paint with chocolate, lemon, or strawberry pudding.
  57. Make maracas by covering light bulbs with layers of paper mache. When they dry gently break the glass and paint them.
  58. Make mini pizzas using English muffins topped with pizza sauce, cheese and pepperoni.
  59. Help compose a letter to your Little’s congressional representative regarding an issue of importance to your Little
  60. Invite him/her to sell old toys and clothes at your garage sale.
  61. Check out a tree identification book from the library and discover which ones are in your neighborhood.
  62. Using the letters from a long word see how many smaller words that you can make.
  63. Train together and participate in a one-K run.
  64. Role-play meeting new people so he/she will have more confidence in what can be an unfamiliar situation.
  65. Invite someone who has lived in a foreign country over for dinner to talk about life in that country.
  66. Use a book of names to find the meaning of his/her name and those of family members and friends.
  67. Build a log cabin together with Popsicle sticks and glue.
  68. Clip coupons together and give him/her a percentage of what you save.
  69. Watch a potter throwing on a wheel.
  70. Use a magnifying glass together to examine all kinds things.
  71. Make a tent using blankets stretched over chairs and tucked into drawers.
  72. Teach him/her to use a fire extinguisher.
  73. Squeeze fresh orange juice.
  74. Tape and record him/her reading a favorite story.
  75. Tour the state capitol.
  76. Go to the airport for lunch and watch he planes take off and land.
  77. Show him/her photographs or movies of you as a child.
  78. Roast pumpkin seeds in the oven.
  79. Take him/her with you when you vote and explain why you select the candidates that you did.
  80. Volunteer together to ring a bell for a charity at Christmas time.
  81. Ask him/her to share an opinion on things that are important to you.
  82. Get some lumber, hammer and nails and encourage your Little to be creative.
  83. Tell him/her stories about you when you were his/her age.
  84. Volunteer to visit his/her class to tell students about your profession.
  85. Teach him/her how to make a football spiral.
  86. Have a sock war—five minutes and 20 pairs of socks.
  87. Open the hood of a car and point out various parts of the engine.
  88. Walk through an unfinished house.
  89. Give him/her your old billfold or purse. “Accidentally” leave a dollar or two hidden inside.
  90. Speak highly of the men and women in your life, and help him/her to value their character and skill.
  91. Read books about famous inventors.
  92. Enjoy a fresh coconut or pineapple together.
  93. Watch the activity at a construction site.
  94. Build and repaint a birdhouse.
  95. Teach your Little to tap out his/her name in Morse code or spell it using sign language.
  96. Order sea monkeys or Chia pets and watch them grow.
  97. Skip rocks on the water.
  98. Copy each other’s hand on a photocopy machine.
  99. Buy a yo-yo and learn how to do tricks with it.
  100. Help him/her to make a video movie.
  101. Have business cards printed with his/her name and a catchy slogan.
  102. Take him/her to a photo darkroom and see how negatives and prints are made.
  103. Visit a farm and milk a cow.
  104. Look in phone books to find the name of someone with the same name as you and your little.
  105. Visit the state legislature when it is in session.
  106. Set up a roadside lemonade stand or similar business.
  107. Teach him/her the proper way to answer the phone.
  108. Using play money show him/her how you spend the money that you earn.
  109. Make a list of everything that you will do with all of the money you win from the $10 million lotto.
  110. Get a chemistry set and perform your own experiments.
  111. Encourage him/her to admire professional athletes who are worthy of his/her admiration on and off of the field.
  112. Write to the president and ask him for a photo. (Your Little will receive a picture and a packet of information).
  113. Have notepads imprinted with your Little’s name.
  114. Build a house of cards together.
  115. Buy a short section of rain gutter and build a giant banana in it together, invite some friends to share the treat together.
  116. Make your own code with numbers representing letters. Send each other coded messages.
  117. Teach your pet a new trick.
  118. Visit a music store and learn about different types of instruments.
  119. Visit a college.
  120. Make pancakes from scratch.
  121. Learn to identify three constellations.
  122. Learn CPR together. Teach him/her how to operate a washing machine and how to sort and fold clothing.
  123. Paint an odd piece of furniture.
  124. Learn 10 new words in a foreign language.
  125. Do something together for an elderly friend.
  126. Rent a bicycle built for two and tour the arboretum.
  127. Teach your Little a clean joke that he can share with his/her family or friends.
  128. Learn to use a real camera—one on which nothing is automatic.
  129. Shop until you drop.
  130. Go ice fishing or ice skating, then stop somewhere for hot chocolate when you’re through.
  131. Explore a museum.
  132. Go tubing or sledding down the hill, and make you’re little go first to test it out.
  133. Make dinner for your Little’s mom and surprise her on her birthday.
  134. Have a monopoly tournament to try and let your Little buy Park Place and Boardwalk.
  135. Visit a hospital and look at the babies in the nursery or the infant intensive care unit.
  136. Look at antique furniture.
  137. Surf the Internet, try and tap into a computer in a foreign country, or look at the web pages of companies that he/she would recognize.
  138. Learn how to fix your bikes.
  139. Visit a second hand store and buy some old clothes that you can use to play dress up.
  140. Go on a scavenger hunt through the park looking for as many signs of life or death as you can.
  141. Visit a nursing home and read or sign to the residents, ask them to describe what life was like when they were your Little’s age.
  142. Whack golf balls at the driving range.
  143. Walk around a boat show, sporting show or star trek convention.
  144. Shop for hats bearing the insignia of your Little’s favorite sports teams.
  145. Bake and frost cutout cookies.
  146. Rent a canoe and explore the lagoons in the arboretum.
  147. Assemble a bookcase.
  148. Work on home improvement projects together, painting, wallpapering, or remodeling the spare room, it provides great talk time and quite a few laughs.
  149. Make foods from around the world and learn how people live in that country.
  150. Have a carpet picnic on the living room floor and watch movie.
  151. Throw snowballs at phone poles from increasing distances.
  152. Meditate together.
  153. Take him/her to your church or synagogue and introduce your Little to your pastor, priest or rabbi.
  154. Maintain a scrapbook of all of the things together, include ticket stubs, menus, pictures, brochures, programs and other mementos.
  155. Rearrange the furniture in your living room.
  156. Visit a coffee shop to sip hot chocolate or soda while playing chess, checkers or backgammon.
  157. Munch a pizza and play games at Showbiz Pizza.
  158. Research an important event or issue at the library, tour the big libraries or universities.
  159. Sit at the mall or in the park and watch people.
  160. Sniff the flowers at a formal garden.
  161. Go apartment hunting.
  162. Create s’mores with graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate chunks, heat them in the oven, microwave, or over an open fire.
  163. Learn how to dance.
  164. Take turns styling each other’s hair.
  165. Learn how to sew an outfit for your Little.
  166. Do aerobics in the living room.
  167. Decorate eggs—not just for Easter.
  168. Make a homemade pizza.
  169. Plan a trip around the world or around the USA, it is a great way to sneak in a geography lesson.
  170. Go snowshoeing.
  171. Bike along the bike trail and stop to make dandelion necklaces or to search for bird nests.
  172. Tell each other stories, start by giving the other a starting sentence such as “I was walking to school the other day when I saw”…
  173. Create a bead necklace or bracelet.
  174. View the exhibits at an art museum.
  175. Volunteer to build a house with Habitat for Humanity, help people at Special Olympics events or serve Meals on Wheels.
  176. Make a fondue meal or a fruit and cake fondue for dessert.
  177. Take an art class together.
  178. Shoot a round of pool.
  179. Learn to make homemade root beer or ice cream.
  180. Feed the ducks at the park.
  181. Write a poem about him/her and read it on a special occasion.

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