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Mentor Mom

Think back to when you first became a parent… what were your feelings?  Were you excited? Scared? Apprehensive?  Confused?  Overwhelmed?  Who did you have for a support system… a mom a grandmother, an aunt, or maybe all three?  Now, imagine if you did not have that support system. 

Mentor Mom’s are women, ages 25 and older, which are already mothers.  Mentor Mom’s offer support and friendship to a young mother who is pregnant or has a young child and needs a friend.

A Mentor Mom is a volunteer who spends a minimum of 2 visits per month and maintains weekly phone contact with a young mom.  Mentors are also asked to commit to a match for at least one year.  A criminal record check, department of motor vehicles record check, references and personal interview will be conducted prior to approval into the program. 

Mentor Mom matches spend time participating in activities the mentor and young mom both enjoy, with their children and without.  You will personally schedule activities according to you and your Young Mom’s schedule.  In addition, Big Brothers Big Sisters/Mentor Mom sponsors events such as fishing, annual picnic, art classes, scavenger hunts, and much more.  Free tickets to sporting and entertainment events are also available.   Training and educational opportunities are offered, including information on banking, resume writing, using the library and much more.

The goals of Mentor Mom are to:

  1. Provide friendship and support.

  2. Help Young Moms access health, financial and educational assistance.

  3. Increase Young Moms knowledge of living and parenting skills.

  4. Encourage Young Moms to stay in and finish high school or get their GED.

  5. Improve the Young Moms sense of self-worth.

  6. Encourage appropriate family planning.


Matches are supported by case specialists who monitor matches monthly for the first year and quarterly thereafter.  Case specialists are available to offer support and guidance.

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