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iCare Coupons is a website and GPS App based coupon book built on one principle... Care for others. Businesses caring enough to give amazing coupons, that provide Non-profit Organizations with a product to raise funds which then gives Enjoyers much needed savings.

iCare Businesses: Without caring local businesses this entire website would not be possible. It doesn’t cost a dime to list a coupon. We just ask each iCare Business two things: first, offer a Caring Coupon. In other words give an amazing coupon to help fund-raising efforts. Second, submit a Caring Statement telling everyone how you care for the local community.

iCare Non-Profits: At iCare Coupons, we understand that Non-profit Organizations need help raising funds. That’s why we have decided to give 50% of all subscription fees back to fundraising efforts. Yep, we are donating 50% of every subscription, no matter what! Plus! We’ve created a way to allow groups to receive recurring funds.

iCare Enjoyers: Yep, it’s a word! Our research department has determined the users of iCare Coupons can only be described as Enjoyers! Because they receive joy from saving with amazing coupons and knowing that they are helping others just by subscribing to

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