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Enrolling your child in Big Brothers Big Sisters can be one of the most rewarding family experiences for parents, guardians and children.   Big Brothers Big Sisters will provide a sincere, safe and fun role-model for your child. Girls and boys can be referred to our program by their parent or legal guardian. A Big Sister or Big Brother is another positive adult figure in your child's life who can support, encourage and inspire life-dreams.

To qualify for our program a child must: 

  • Be 7 through 14 years of age
  • Have a need for an adult friend to offer guidance and support
  • Be available to meet with a "Big" between 2-4 hours per month for at least one year 
  • Want to have a Big Brother or Big Sister - our program is voluntary, so everyone's support is needed

The Volunteer that will be matched to your child must:

  • Submit an application, including references
  • Receive a criminal and driving record check
  • Complete an in-person interview and home assessment
  • Be at least 16 years old

The Big/Little match is determined by the case specialist and is based on the following factors:

  • Preferences of parent/guardian
  • Preferences of the child
  • Preferences of volunteer
  • The child’s and the volunteer’s hobbies and interests
  • Approximate geographic area of residence of volunteer and child
  • Characteristics sought in the volunteer to assist in addressing the specified needs of the child

Program Information

Volunteers and children are asked to make at least a one-year commitment to the program, though we hope the friendship lasts much longer.  (Matches can remain open until the child turns 18 years old) Volunteers can be matched to a child one-on-one, or as a couple. If you are interested in more information about the match your child can have with Big Brothers Big Sisters, please let us know. Our program is offered free of charge, however for events that your child participates in with his or her Big, we ask that you pay your child's way (ie: movie tickets, zoo entrance fee etc). 


Your child will be able to participate in may fun activities once they are matched with their "Big". They will do things together as a match and may also attend some agency events. Some examples of outings are: going to movies, playing sports, working on homework, going to a park or just hanging out. Ideas for outings come from both the "Big" and the "Little" and are always cleared with the parent/guardian.


Your child’s match with a Big is unique and is given individual attention by a professional on-staff case specialist  It is important to keep an open and honest relationship with your Little’s case specialist.  It is your responsibility as a parent of a Little to keep in touch with the case specialist.  Monthly monitoring will occur to ensure the match is meeting expectations for the first year.  Monitoring will occur quarterly after the first year.  Monthly newsletters will notify you about events and meetings you and your child may attend. 

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